Football Frenzy Slots

Real-Time Gaming delivers the gaming boom with the world's most popular sport, soccer. This time the game of the hour is Football Frenzy, a blockbuster soccer game that puts the power of FIFA firmly in your hands. Football Frenzy delivers an ensemble of soccer greatness among other tremendous slot game wins.

Real-Time Gaming Takes To The Gaming Field

Football Frenzy puts you firmly in the game action by having the game occur in the middle of the soccer field. Football Frenzy delivers with two unique gaming modes. Would you please pay attention and choose wisely because the different modes impact the free spins bonus rounds? The first mode is the striker mode, where the wins during the free spins round are tremendously tripled. The second mode is the lucky mode, where you can enjoy unique perks in the free spins round. We will talk about this Football Frenzy feature in further detail.

Can you handle fifty pay lines? If the answer is yes, then Football Frenzy is ready to make your gaming adventure come true. That's where Football Frenzy's unique pay line system enters the equation. You can strive to create a kick of a lifetime by wagering on the whole fifty pay lines, or you can pass the ball around at your speed by wagering on lesser pay lines. Again, that's the power and the inspiration of the Football Frenzy pay line system.

The next critical move to get the crowd psyched up is declaring the cash bet before the spin. Football Frenzy introduces the equally talented coin button system to boom the winning kick through nickel increments quickly.

Do you want to run up and down the field? If so, Football Frenzy lets you make your bets, or you can rely on the sophisticated autoplay feature, which is more than capable of handling scores of bets.

Dashing Through The Paytable

Enough talk and delay. Football Frenzy brings the soccer pain with an incredible ensemble of soccer icons. First, we begin the soccer love affair with the wild striker. Yes. You will want to see him run up and down the reels because the wild striker doubles winning combinations when he does. The legendary soccer stadium honors the reels as the game's scatter symbol. During regular game mode, the soccer stadiums gradually augment the winning combinations.

W continue with the gaming frenzy with the top soccer ball, which bounces wins your way with 500 credits. The goalie points in your winning direction with an adept 500 credits, while the referee and the excited fan lead the way with 300 credits. Football Frenzy finishes the epic winning paytable with the trophy, whistle, and other mundane soccer items.

Prepare To Take A Kick Of A Lifetime In The Bonus Rounds

From start to finish, Football Frenzy leaves it all on the field with penalty kicking bonus rounds. We begin the action with the striker mode, where free spins are tripled. You will get eight Football Frenzy free spins with a standard winning multiplier if you elect to play the lucky mode, but you have access to the lucky feature.

Getting back to the free-kick phenomenon, the more scatter stadiums that land on the reels, the greater the number of Football Frenzy free spins you will enjoy. Then, we pick up the frantic gaming action with the penalty kick bonus to win up to 900 times your bet. To top everything off, Football Frenzy thrives on the golden ball where the prize is tripled. Also, Football Frenzy offers a progressive jackpot that hangs in the balance.