Field of Green 2 Slots

When the inaugural Field Of Green hit the slot game market, global players were taken by storm by this gritty football slot that played off the hit Field Of Dreams. Field Of Green 2 instantly picks up the mantle from the first game, so let's dive straight into the exceptional details.

Football Glory Still Awaits

We all have a dream, and Field Of Green 2 invites you to take on your virtual gridiron dreams across twenty pay lines. The virtual stadium is packed, and everyone is waiting for you to make football glory. The attention to detail is much more vivid and apparent in the sequel. For this, Real-Time Gaming deserves immense credit. The sequel also features nighttime lights and crowd ambiance to give you an authentic game experience.

Field Of Green 2 provides all the essential game functions just like the first game. Try to score the ultimate touchdown by wagering on the complete twenty pay lines, or try to pick up the first down by placing wagers on lesser pay lines. The football is in your hands. The next move to keep the crowd engaged is to affirm your cash bet. This process is straightforward with the coin value buttons. Here, you can instantly determine your gaming fate by declaring bets from as small as a penny and upward to high dollar amounts.

Can you handle the pressure? Do you feel confident that you can get the offense off the field or pick up that key turnover? Then the manual spin mode awaits in Field Of Green 2. If you need to study the defense or offense a little bit more, the autoplay feature is there to assist you n that regard. Field Of Green also comes with an options button so you can further take control of your football destiny.

Tackling The Paytable

Field Of Green plays for keeps with a dynamite paytable. The golden trophy is proof of this, for it constitutes the game's wild symbol. The golden trophy symbolizes football greatness, and it doubles winning combinations when it lands on the reels. We continue with the marvelous football icons, such as the vaulted football that steps up as the game's scatter symbol. We will fully break down the mighty football, so let's be patient until we get to the bonus round.

Field Of Green 2 puts pressure on the defense with other football-related symbols like the referee, jerseys, and captivating fans.

The Pressure Is On In The Bonus

Like the first title, Field Of Green 2 puts the pressure on you to make the kick of a lifetime. We start with the field goal kick bonus round. It takes getting three of a like symbol to make the field goal attempts happen. If you can pull off kicking primary field goals, then you will receive up to 25 free spins for your winning efforts.

You can find Field Of Green 2 at online casinos that host and support Real-Time Gaming slot titles. Field Of Green 2 works on mobile platforms as well as home computers.