Lucha Libre Slots

Lucha Libre continues to be a proud flagship of Real-Time Gaming. Today, its direct sequel continues to bring players in from around the world, but the first game, Lucha Libre, remains the game that put wrestling slot games on the map. At the end of this article, we are confident you will learn why as well.

Mexican Wrestling Is Here To Stay

Lucha Libre is not just a wrestling slot game, but it honors the proud tradition of Mexican wrestling. Mexican wrestling fans know the legendary luchador, masked wrestlers specializing in high-risk maneuvers off the top ropes. Lucha Libre offers many things on many levels, so let's jump into the exciting and rewarding game details.

Lucha Libre takes place in the middle of the square circle where the wrestlers battle. Taco Malo and Guacomolio are the two primary contests in this twenty-five pay line game. Lucha Libre features a unique pay line system where you can quickly craft the precise number of pay lines. So why not body slam the competition to the roar of the crowd, or you can start off with more minor matches and wrestling moves to warm the crowd up slowly.

Lucha Libre delivers with the coin buttons system. This game features an extensive range of bets to get into the squared circle. As you grapple with the competition, the next move is to use the autoplay feature or the manual mode. Lucha Libre's autoplay mode is tough enough to go toe for toe with all your gambling needs. For further game control, Lucha Libre's options button makes things a breeze.

Grapple With The Paytable

Lucha Libre lights up the competition with a phenomenal paytable system. Please put on the wrestling tights and enjoy such symbols as Taco Malo and Guacamolio, for they are both the Lucha Libre wild symbols in the game. Taco Malo lands on the third reel, while Guacomolio falls on the other reels. Both wrestlers expand over the reels.

The other Lucha Libre symbols include the wrestling ring where it all goes down, followed by the mask. More than meets the gaming eye with both the wrestling ring and the mask, so stay tuned for more details. The enthusiastic announcer and the championship belt deliver 1,000 credits when you fill an entire reel with them. The wrestling trophy also rises to the occasion with 1,000 credits. The remaining Lucha Libre symbols are the program, tequila, peppers, and trading cards.

Get Ready To Rumble

Lucha Libre wants you to get ready to rumble in the time to rumble bonus round. Here, it is up to you to help Taco Malo choose the right finishing move to end the main event. Of course, the gaming move you choose has ramifications on the bonus you receive and the roar of the crowd. This is followed up with the mask of fiery doom, which entails four reels held in place while the other wrestling reels are spun for your winning pleasure.