Cash Bandits Slots

The cops and robbers genre is nothing new among the slot game universe, But Real-Time Gaming's original Cash Bandits continues to amaze and mesmerize a global audience. Hopefully, at the end of this Cash Bandits article, you will soon learn why the first Cash Bandits continue to amaze.

Witness The Dawn Of New Greatness

Cash Bandits marks a new era and chapter of slot game greatness, courtesy of Real-Time Gaming. Instead of rooting against the bandit robber, you'll find yourself rooting for him to get away with the bank loot. The game action for Cash Bandits takes place inside the vaulted bank, the center of the gaming universe and of all the controversy.

The original Cash Bandits comes with 25 fantastic pay lines that are yours to command and use as you see fit. Don't worry. Cash Bandits gives you a robust pay line system to quickly take command of the pay lines. You can make a big splash and wager on the entire 25 pay lines in one fell swoop, or you can move in and wager on lesser pay lines to boost your gaming stock. Again, that's the swell, and the full power of the Cash Bandits pay line system.

We pick up the phenomenal gaming action with the power to declare your Cash Bandit's bet. Cash Bandits honors bets beginning at one cent, but that quickly grows to nickel increments. You can declare your cash bet very swiftly and simply. Cash Bandits provides you with a stellar autoplay mode that handles your wagering affairs quickly.

Marvel At The Paytable

Cash Bandits continues its upward tick into gaming superstardom thanks to the phenomenal paytable where you can make good like a bandit. Pun intended. We start with the spectacular bank vault that doubles winning combinations. Five bank vaults deliver 2,500 credits, while the cops and robber scatter amplify the gaming scenario with 200 credits. The unique bank shells out 1,500 credits, and the determined cop muscles out 1,250 credits.

The master bank robber is good enough to deliver 800 credits. The rest of the Cash Bandits symbols produce doughnuts, money, fast cars, and riveting and lucrative icons.

Understanding The Bonus Systems

Cash Bandits continues drawing a massive crowd through the bonus systems. We begin with the dynamite bank vault system. Remember, three of the scatter symbols lead to the phenomenal bank vault system where you must crack the code with four bank vaults. If you are successful in this gaming endeavor, you will receive up to 90 free spins with a twelve-times-winning multiplier.

If that is not enough, Cash Bandits delivers the massive progressive jackpot that waits in the wings to provide gaming bliss and greatness.

Where To Get Into The Bandit Action

Cash Bandits is widely available at online casinos that host and support Real-Time Gaming. Because this title is a popular title that works on mobile and desktop devices. Cash Bandits spawn two sequels that are major global draws.