Young Tiger Slots

Jackie Chan, the International movie star, strikes again with Young Tiger Slots, another prolific and fun slot game based on the popular Hong Kong film. The slot game bears a similar look and tone to the film, but you get to come out on top.

Real-Time Gaming Heads To The Movies

Real-Time Gaming is the gaming engine that won't quit. Since it hit the online casino scene in the late 1990s, Real-Time Gaming surges as the undisputed leader of slot game makers. While many fans probably enjoy more popular genres like sports and holidays, Real-Time Gaming pushed the envelope of gaming excellence with a cinematic genre series. Young Tiger embodies all of the vital Real-Time Gaming elements and more. Young Tiger holds onto Real-Time Gaming's commitment to visual excellence, and it also carries over Real-Time Gaming's mission for terrific and rewarding bonus rounds. Young Tiger also carries a Real-Time Gaming pillar with progressive jackpot play.

Practice Your Martial Arts

Young Tiger roars out of the gate. While you might be tempted to rush and place a wager, that might not be the most brilliant move to make because you might lose heart. That's where the practice mode enters the equation.

Step Onto The Virtual Movie Set

Young Tiger takes you into the heart of the blockbuster film from the early 1980s. Young Tiger features many attributes and similarities from the blockbuster movie and copious amounts of Jackie Chan throughout the game.

Young Tiger Is A Slot For All Occasions

Sure, players can swiftly step up and win through the robust regular game mode, but Young Tiger continues the winning grace through the progressive jackpot, along with a scintillating free spins round that will keep you coming back to Young Tiger for more. Young Tiger is a slot for all different players.

Young Tiger Has All The Vital Elements For Success

Young Tiger reaches for the stars, but the game mechanics are down to Earth. Young Tiger equips you with the requisite pay line arrows to get you on board with your betting choices. Following the pay line system is the coin button system. Young Tiger's coin button system is sophisticated enough for players to place bets from a penny to a startling high-dollar value. Young Tiger permits you to take charge of the reels through manual mode or entrust these duties with the sophisticated autoplay feature. Young Tiger also comes with an options button where you can further take command of Young Tiger to meet your gaming needs.

Have Some Fun With The Pay Lines

Young Tiger wants you to hear it roar with the outstanding twenty pay lines. Like we mentioned throughout this article, Young Tiger celebrates this classic film from start to finish. The twenty pay lines encapsulate the power and splendor of Young Tiger, and you can command them one at a time, or all twenty with a single spin. That's the power of Young Tiger's pay lines.

Enjoy The Fierce Coin Buttons

The ability to make your bet is paramount for a slot game player. Young Tiger follows this exceptional tradition of allowing the player to take command of their cash bet. Young Tiger honors wagers from a penny to dollar value.

Claw Into The Pay Table

Young Tiger takes the business of winning seriously, which is why the paytable is full of iconic movie characters. The standard wild symbols work as expected by doubling winning combinations and further enhancing winning combinations when several wild symbols fall on the reels. The remaining game symbols center on the hit film. Young Tiger celebrates and rewards winning combinations when you manage to get three of a like symbol to land on the reels.

Chop Into The Free Spins

Young Tiger opens the door for you to chop your way into the exhilarating free spins round. Young Tiger follows the steps of other slot games by getting a trio of the scatter icons to fall onto the pay lines. And you can re-trigger the free spin action through Young Tiger.

A Terrific Return To Player

Young Tiger benefits immensely from Real-Time Gaming serving as the game engine. This leads to a prolific return to a player that gets over ninety percent.

Step Up To The Lovely Rating

Young Tiger is a joy to play and a joy to review. So many internet sites welcome and talk exuberantly about Young Tiger.

It's Time To Win

Young Tiger sets the stage for players to win big and often. The key is to utilize the online casino's promotions to unlock this marvelous outlet. The promotions range from standard welcome packages to an assortment of matching bonuses and free spins.

Having Fun With Mr. Chan

While we all want to win, please don't forget that the goal is to have fun playing Young Tiger so you can keep your spirits up and have some fun while you're at it.

Winning The Jackie Chan Way

When you are ready to win for real, Young Tiger sets you up with a robust system to do just that. The online casino hosting Young Tiger has a plethora of banking options to put you into the winning column. The standard banking options include credit cards, e-wallets, and, depending on the online casino, perhaps Bitcoin.

Young Tiger Is Mobile

Young Tiger is ready on home computers and the top mobile devices. But, young Tiger also works on laptops.