Lucky 6 Slots

Five-reel slot games continue to dominate and lead the way with modern-day slot games, but there is a burgeoning six-reel movement. Lucky 6 is one of the flagship six-reel games where you get the best of the six-reel experience with a dose of Irish flair.

Lucky 6 Extends Your Luck

Real-Time Gaming is one of the leading game developers making six-reel games en vogue, with Lucky 6 one of the most popular titles that help bridge this new concept with traditional Irish games. Lucky 6 follows the lead of other slot games that honor the legacy of the Leprechaun. Lucky 6 takes place in the middle of a lush Irish field where there is green for miles, along with a rainbow and a pot of gold.

Lucky 6 tasks you with the same things as other Leprechaun games where you get to frolic throughout the fields while winning at the same time. Lucky 6 delivers ten pay lines. The game's pay line arrows step up to the plate, where you can quickly adjust the pay line arrows to meet your gaming needs. Why not wager the entire ten pay-lines?

Lucky 6 follows this up with a rugged coin button system. The coin button system is flexible enough to manage bets from as small ten cents, but this grows in scope. Lucky 6 lets you decide the fate of the reels with the autoplay feature, or you can rely on the manual mode to handle your bets. Lucky 6 also gives you an options button that is crafty enough for you to manage the inner pinnings of the game.

Frolic Through The Paytable

Lucky 6 relishes the well-rounded paytable. Lucky 6 honors the wild symbol tradition with the rainbow. The rainbow is beautiful to look at, doubling winning combinations, and it adds nicely with other winning combinations. The rainbow wild lands on the reels except for the first reel. The pot of gold reigns supreme with 5,000 credits, and this is followed up by the dapper Leprechaun that shines a gaming light with 2,500 credits. Lucky 6 rounds out the remaining game symbols with the well, the boots, the clovers, the horseshoe, and more. As you can see, there are many Lucky 6 ways to come out ahead playing Lucky 6.

Experience The Lucky Bonus Rounds

Lucky 6 relishes the opportunity for bonus play. The name Lucky 6 has a lot of power in it. The number of the letters that land on the reels, the more excellent the opportunity of the bonus round. Four of the letters produce eight free spins, while five of the letters deliver 12 free spins. If you are fortunate enough to get all six letters on the reels, you will receive 25 free spins.

Where To Get Lucky 6

Lucky 6 is a proud product of Real-Time Gaming. Lucky 6 is available at these casinos for your mobile playing pleasure or for your home computer. The choice is yours to find the rainbow.