I, Zombie Slots

If you play many slot games, you perhaps have come across several genres, but the zombie genre doesn't rank high. However, this changes a little bit thanks to Real-Time Gaming's epic I, Zombie. I, Zombie is an unusual slot title, but it still delivers the winning mood and the gaming punch you crave.

Real-Time Gaming Steps Out On The Unknown

Real-Time Gaming is a cool customer when it comes to developing elite slot games, but this time it throws caution to the wind. Instead of crafting another Oriental game, or a leprechaun game, Real-Time Gaming ushers in a brand new experience with a rare but still unique zombie-oriented game. I, Zombie, is colorful and boasts some of the key graphic ingredients that continue to make Real-Time Gaming a household name to name the least. I, Zombie, also exhibit other award-winning qualities like fluid gameplay and a terrific bonus round sequence.

Practice In A New Gaming Sphere

I, Zombie is an underrated game, but it still leaves you with plenty of avenues to win. The best way to familiarize yourself with I, Zombie, and all of these features is through some shrewd practice play so you can work out the gaming kinks.

Play In A New World

I, Zombie, isn't your typical slot game in many ways. The game flow starts in the middle of a creepy Asian town with the wind and fog moving about in the background. In many ways, I, Zombie combines some of the essential aspects and elements from an Asian-themed game, but it throws in a dose of magic to go with it. I, Zombie, features interactive gameplay with ambient movements and characters appearing on and off the screen to keep you immersed in the loop.

The Game Design Is Down To Earth

While I, Zombie, dwells on the supernatural, the game features and functions are down to earth. I, Zombie, provides you with everything you need to run a successful game marathon. We begin with the elite pay line system, where you can quickly assume control of the full twenty-five pay lines. The next order of business is the coin buttons, where you can set down the ground rules for the impending zombie apocalypse. Finally, I, Zombie, extends the terrific gaming control with an autoplay feature where you can swiftly manage the entire pay line system and game in one motion.

So What Type Of A Game Is I, Zombie?

It's many things. Sure, I, Zombie, welcomes you to win all you can handle in the regular game mode, but you can continue to rack up like a bandit through the bonus round play such as the dynamic free spins round. We will break down all the promising and rewarding free throws when we get to the vaulted free spins round, so you don't have to worry about missing a beat.

It's Time To Haul In Those Pay Lines

I, Zombie, is full of the fuel that you need to come out shining on top, but you must make maximum gaming use of the twenty-five pay lines. I, Zombie, drops off the required pay lines to make that happen for you. You can run the loop and shoot for the starts by using the entire twenty-five pay lines, or you can gamble on smaller pay lines again through the required pay line system. As you can see, I, Zombie, gives you a wide berth with unique flexibility to make the appropriate bet to meet your gaming needs.

Utilize The Coin Buttons

One awesome bet deserves another, which is why I, Zombie, doesn't leave you in the breeze with the promising coin value buttons. I, Zombie, raises the gaming awareness with stakes as small as a penny.

Removing The Spookiness From The Paytable

I, Zombie, doesn't skimp when it comes to the paytable. We begin the winning affair with the female sorcerer. This charming lass doubles winning combinations while the more of this charming doll extends winning efforts with 2,500 credits. I, Zombie, maintains the requisite scatter icon that requires you to get the right amount for the bonus rounds. We will get to the bonus round in due time, so don't fret.

The other vital symbols in I, Zombie include the zombie spirit and the flagpole. These animated symbols don't hold back in the winning column by shelling out anywhere from 1,250 credits to 250 credits. I, Zombie, opts to keep the paytable symbols small with the traditional high-value playing cards filling out the remaining game symbols.

Worship The Bonus Rounds

I, Zombie, is light in the bonus round department, but it more than makes up for it in the paytable section and in the free spins department.

Devour The Free Spins

I, Zombie, is the undisputed king of the free spins. Remember that scatter icon? The time has come to unfurl it and use it in your favor beginning with the trifecta of this symbol that leads to two free spins. The more of the scatter icons that land, the greater the number of free spins you will enjoy playing I, Zombie.

Marvel At The Zombie Return To Player

I, Zombie, brings the gaming boom with a phenomenal return to player. This is the power and the promise of Real-Time Gaming's powerful return to player that rewards players with a winning percentile in the upper ninety-percentile.

The Rating Matters

I, Zombie, continues to rank very high among the internet sphere of slot games. As a result, many online slot game reviews specialize in praising I, Zombie.

Having Fun With This Unique Zombie Experience

I, Zombie, wants you to have fun playing it so you don't get bent out of shape should you run into a rough patch. Remember, I Zombie offers all the practice play you can eat so you can get totally fluent with this outstanding game.

This Zombie Needs Real Money

I, Zombie, puts the chips onto the table with numerous banking options to loft you into the winning column. You can expect to use credit cards, popular e-wallets, and possibly the usage of Bitcoin.

Take Your Zombie On The Phone

I, Zombie, comes out firing on all cylinders, for it works on the top smartphones, tablets, and laptops as well.