Bubble Bubble Slots

Halloween slot games aren't anything new, but Real-Time Gaming certainly can make things look and feel brand new when it comes to Real-Time Gaming. Bubble Bubble is such a slot game that comes along and reinvents and transcends the gaming landscape. While there are two sequels to this enjoyable and haunting game, the original title keeps players coming back for more.

Welcome To A Much More Pleasant Witch

Witches throughout history are usually associated and affiliated as ugly and mean, but this is not the case for Bubble Bubble. This is the first game that set the tone for modern Halloween slot games. Instead of centering on a cruel and ugly witch, Bubble Bubble introduces the lovely Winnie The Witch in all her splendor and glory.

Winnie, The Witch, is the centerpiece of the game that takes place in front of a cemetery. The pay lines for Bubble Bubble run an explosive fifty lines deep. Don't worry. Bubble Bubble gives you everything you need to make out well in this Halloween adventure. The pay line arrow system ensures you have a wonderful Halloween trip. There's no pressure to wager the maximum fifty pay lines, but you can do so if you will.

Bubble Bubble also lets you declare your coin button system. The bets and wagers are vast, but you can quickly get into the exciting game action starting as low as one cent, but that quickly swells in your favor. The autoplay feature in Bubble Bubble is robust, so robust that you can count on arranging your bets by the score.

Making A Wish In The Paytable

Bubble Bubble knocks the ball out of the park with the lovely Winnie The Witch representing the game's wild symbol. Winnie not only looks like a knockout on the reels, but she triples winning combinations while she's at it.

The grotesque boiling cauldron delivers lovely goods as the scatter symbol. We will talk more about that Bubble Bubble feature later on. The black cat and the crow lead the way with 1,000 credits, while the frog, the twisted pumpkin icon, and the book of spells cast an enchanting glow on the reels to the tune of 333 credits. Some of the remaining Bubble Bubble symbols include the skull, the crystal ball, and grotesque candles.

Relishing The Bonus Rounds

We told you from the beginning that Bubble Bubble took the bonus rounds seriously. This is evident with the three unique bonus rounds that Winnie The Witch is a part of. We begin with the wild witches feature, where you are granted nine free spins along with the adorable Winnie The Witch occupying the center reel.

The bewitched feature inspires seven free spins, with Winnie The Witch taking over the center reel. The great ghosts feature keeps the Halloween spirit alive thanks to twenty free spins to start with random wild ghosts added to the reels to bolster your winning pleasure. Finally, if you come up with snake eyes, Bubble Bubble keeps you in the game with the Win-Win feature.