Jack the Ripper Slots

His name is infamous in lore and history. Jack The Ripper. Arguably one of the biggest serial killers in history, Jack The Ripper inspires television shows and movies. Now he is making his move into the burgeoning slot game world. Real-Time Gaming is the perfect slot developer to make this happen.

Ripping Through The Game Details

Jack The Ripper continues the menacing act of gaming bliss and terror with twenty-five crime-laden pay lines. The title of this game perfectly sums up the horror genre and what this game is about. The game details and the ambiance ideally put you back in the times of this unprecedented serial killer. Yes, there is a lot of blood on the game reels.

Jack The Ripper among the carnage still provides you plenty of gameplay and the opportunity to handle and manage the game details as you see fit. The pay line arrows are there to conquer and take charge of the game system on each spin. You can try to solve the identity of this gruesome killer by wagering on the complete twenty-five pay lines, or you can slow things down and wager on lesser pay lines. The choice is in your hands.

The next order of business playing Jack The Ripper is to get the number of pay lines in order. This is available through the robust coin button system. Jack The Ripper honors wagers from pennies to whole dollar amounts. Finally, take on Jack The Ripper on your own by spinning the reels, or settle for the autoplay feature to manage these fine gaming details for you.

Ripping Through The Paytable

Jack The Ripper is full of gory details and winning symbols in the paytable. We begin this phenomenal love affair with the bloody wild. The bloody wild doubles winning combinations easily, but the more that land, the greater the amount. Five of the gory wilds translate to 2,000 credits. Jack The Ripper himself looms large on the reels with 1,500 credits.

The rest of the haunting game details include the victims, the detectives, the official game logo, and grizzly playing card numbers. Jack The Ripper requires you to get three of a like symbol to land on the reels.

Tearing Through The Paytable

Jack The Ripper favors the bonus rounds. We start with the bloody free spins round that is triggered by three of the scatters. The Jack The Ripper free spins round commences with five free spins, but this is where the wild symbol might slash through the game. In this mode, up to 15 reel symbols are eligible to turn wild.

Where To Find The Ripper

Jack The Ripper might not be the top billing game by Real-Time Gaming, but it is still available at several online casinos that host and support the Real-Time Gaming brand. In addition, Jack The Ripper works for mobile devices and desktop computers alike.