Zombies vs. Cheerleaders Slots

It's not every day that you come across a cheerleader-themed slot game, but it is more rare that it has zombies in it. But when it comes to the innovative Real-Time Gaming engine, nothing is too much or too brass to pull off. Welcome to the epic Zombies Versus Cheerleaders.

A Gory Take On School

Growing up and growing pains are typical when going to school, but you don't associate gore and blood with it. When it comes to Zombies Versus Cheerleaders, that is exactly what is on the line. You see, the overall theme to this rambunctious five-reel game is flesh-eating zombies that are after innocent cheerleaders. Zombies Versus Cheerleaders contains twenty-five pay lines. Zombies Versus Cheerleaders occur in the middle of the football field, where the cheerleaders practice their routine.

Take command of the virtual horror with the pay line arrows. Zombies Versus Cheerleaders offers many things on several levels, so it might be wise to slow your wagering pace, or you can go for broke anytime you wish and place the full complement of twenty-five bets to meet the challenge.

The next move to stay ahead of the zombies, or if you favor the zombies, is to actualize your cash bet. That's no problem playing Zombies Versus Cheerleaders, for its coin value system is more than up to the task of handling your chances in a timely matter. The Zombies autoplay feature is an experience in itself. Through this medium, you get to have a ring-side seat and let the carnage unfold as you win or lose. Zombies Versus Cheerleaders imbues you with the power to control and handle manual spins as you see fit. The options button takes gaming control to new heights when you play Zombies Versus Cheerleaders.

Devour The Paytable

Zombies Versus Cheerleaders has a ferocious appetite in the paytable. We begin the wild fiasco with the bloody ax. No respectable horror film or a horror slot game, for that matter, is complete without the blood-stained ax. It son happens that it represents the wild symbol in Zombies Versus Cheerleaders. The bloody ax doubles winning combinations, so please keep that in mind.

The Zombies Versus Cheerleaders logo is appropriately the scatter symbol. This intriguing symbol leads the way in the bonus round, but we will get to that further in this article. The other worthy characters are the cheerleader that pays up to 500 credits. We continue with the blood-crazed cheerleader to the tune of 375 credits. The gory zombie pays a marvelous 250 credits, as does the zombie football player. The remaining Zombies Versus Cheerleaders game symbols include the standard high-value playing card numbers. In many ways, the small batch of game symbols available in Zombies Versus Cheerleaders works in your favor by boosting winning odds. Zombies Versus Cheerleaders honors win from both the left to the right and from right to left.

Prepare To Do Battle

Zombies Versus Cheerleaders amplifies the fear with the battle feature. It would help if you fought to the virtual end against the zombies with six free spins here. We continue with the special paytable to make this round worth your while.