Shark School Slots

There is a school you might dread, but we doubt that's not Real-Time Gaming's phenomenal Shark School Slots. There is plenty of bite to this awesome five-reel game, so let's jump into the rewarding details.

These Sharks Invade The Land

No longer are these sharks relegated to the water. Thanks to Real-Time Gaming, they've taken over a university and a college near you. Instead of young adults, you have an assortment of sharks from all positions, including sports. Shark School features fifty pay lines that make it all come together. Of course, the pay line arrows strike the perfect balance on going full tilt or taking a more reserved approach. When you get to know all the details surrounding Shark School, you might consider wagering on lesser pay lines, perhaps one. Then again, you might be inspired to stake your claim on the complete fifty pay lines. That's the extraordinary power of the pay lines.

Shark School enlists you the power to handle your cash bets before each spin. The spin pool is vast, so we begin things with the phenomenal penny wager that quickly escalates to whole dollar amounts. The potential is vast and up to you. Shark School takes place in the hallway full of bubbles for these creatures to breathe new life and wins for you.

Shark School leaves it up to you to declare your self-bets through the autoplay feature, or you can step back and witness these marvelous sharks taking their time trying to make the grade through the manual spin mode. Again, the playing deck is stacked in your favor. Shark School leaves you with an options button to further craft the sensitive and engaging details to meet your gaming specifications.

Take A Bite Out Of The Paytable

Shark School unloads the gaming goodness in the paytable. We begin things with the sensational octopus as the wild symbol. However, this substitute teacher means business, and it shows when he falls on the first reel. We continue the gaming goodness with the sensational school that produces incredible dividends in the bonus rounds. We will pick up this distinctive feature when we get to the bonus rounds.

The shark linebacker is ready to do battle and action by paying up to 1,500 credits. The hammerhead shark jazzes up winning combinations with up to 1,250 credits. Shark School picks up the gaming pace and action with the sleepy shark and the student shark. Any mixed group of sharks also produces dividends in Shark School.

The charming tropical fish and the high-value playing card numbers help round out the game symbols in Shark School.

Time To Go Into Overtime

A trifecta of the school works wonders for the free spins round. The school you select offers specific bonuses. We start with the bad sharky bonus feature, where you play anywhere from three to ten free spins with one of the sharks hogging the third reel. If they successfully eat the fish that goes by, they turn into wild shark symbols.

The don't eat the teacher keeps winning fun and simple with a double-winning combination. As long as the octopus teacher doesn't get eaten or you haven't played 25 free spins, you get to keep playing this tremendous bonus round. The swim fishy, swim feature challenges your endurance. You must stay ahead of the hungry shark to keep winning.