Henhouse Slots

This hen is busy laying the winning eggs for you. The game of choice is Hen House, an animated five-reel slot game by Real-Time Gaming. If you don't mind chicks and chickens, then Hen House Slots is the game for you.

Real-Time Gaming Heads To The Farm

Real-Time Gaming pulls out all the stops to get you up and running with this farm house classic. Hen House takes you directly to the hen house, where the theme of the game is the bustling farm life. All of the essential farm elements pay dividends in this game. However, before we jump into the hustling paytable, it is necessary to break down Hen House's fundamental game features and functions. We begin with the cracking twenty-five pay lines that are yours to command.

Through the pay line arrow system, the Hen House farm is at your command. Get major busty producing the eggs through the entire 25 pay line wager, or you can lower the enthusiasm by gambling on smaller pay lines. The power is in your hands.

Hen House requires you to maneuver and manage the cash bet. The game's wagers launch as small as a penny, but it quickly grows to a few dollars in nickel increments. As you can see, you have tremendous leverage and flexibility with this stellar title. Hen House rocks the mic with the autoplay feature and the manual mode. Hen House's autoplay feature is robust and sophisticated enough to handle scores of bets. Additionally, Hen House steps up its game with the options button where you can quickly craft and adjust the game settings like reel speed to meet your gaming needs.

The Paytable Is Chirping

Hen House continues moving forward with a dynamite paytable. The paytable leads events and things off with the mother hen as the wild symbol. While she is busy plopping out baby chicks, she doubles winning combinations on the reels. Next, the mother hen replaces the other symbols except for the scatter symbol, and the mother hen lands on all the reels except for the first and fifth reels.

All the essential farm symbols are on board, starting with the baby chicks that reward you with a modest amount. The other game symbols include the cute pig, the wide-eyed goats, the hay, the sack of seed, the boots, and the regular high-value playing cards.

Time For The Eggs To Hatch

Hen House continues hatching the eggs in the Hen House pick feature, and this lucrative bonus round features many levels to the cute chicks, with each level comprising of its unique prizes and rewards. In addition, each level offers a combination of free spins and prize multipliers.

The free spins in Hen House is the gift that keeps on giving. This cute and charming title provides you with the extra opportunities to amass additional free spins. You can find Hen House in the lovely confines of Real-Time Gaming casinos. If you check the promotions area, you might come across some promotions just for this exquisite title.