Naughty or Nice: Spring Break

Spring Break officially starts now with Real-Time's epic sequel Naughty Or Nice: Spring Break. The inaugural title is still taking the world by storm, and now Santa's favorite helpers are back to return the much-needed and enjoyable favor.

Work On Your Tan Slot Game Style

Naughty Or Nice: Spring Break carries over the classic elements from the first installment, mainly Santa's beautiful helpers, loads of lucrative bonus rounds, and one angry Mrs. Claus. This time, the environment happens right on the beach where the surf is up, and the blonde and the brunette are both ready for action. The Spring Break edition retains the thirty pay lines, and you can once more control them through the pay line arrows.

Santa's lovely helpers are wearing bikinis, the lifeguard is out, so why not gamble on the entire thirty pay lines? Again, that's the power of the pay line arrows. Naughty Or Nice: Spring Break gives you total control of casting your cash bet. You can quickly and efficiently place bets from a nickel to the grandiose amount of dollars through the coin value buttons.

Sit back and relax, or go full-throttle. That is your call and right when you play Naughty Or Nice: Spring Break. The autoplay feature is good enough for you to manage these affairs on autopilot by the bunches while you sit back and enjoy the show. You can still use the manual mode to handle these events. The supreme power of this Spring Break is in your hands. Lastly, Naughty Or Nice: Spring Break provides an options button where you can further craft and take control of the intimate game settings like the reel speed and other ambient effects.

Enjoy The Paytable

Naughty Or Nice: Spring Break unleashes the gaming beast with the paytable. We start events off with the nice girl and the naughty girl as the twin wild symbols. Both of these outstanding and lovely ladies double winning combinations on the respective reels that they land on. It so happens that these cuties hug and surround Santa Claus up to 1,500 credits for five of him on the reels. Next, we pick up the sensational gaming action with the angry Mrs. Claus that is ready to clobber those younger vixens up to 1,250 credits.

The happy lifeguard shells out 1,000 credits while the dolphin and the lovable drink pays a respectable drink. The festive play card numbers jingle additional wins with up to 250 credits for the right combination on the reels.

Spring Break Means Bonus

Naughty Or Nice: Spring Break delivers the goods with either the naughty bonus round or the nice girl bonus round. Choosing the naughty girl bonus round leads to ten free spins with the naughty girl occupying the center reel. If you choose the nice girl, you'll have twelve free spins with the nice girl handing out on select reels to boost winning combinations.

Naughty Or Nice: Spring Break lives up to the hype, and it performs on mobile phones and computers. It also works on laptops.