Small Fortune Slots

Yes, my friends. There comes a time in every person's life where you have to consider making that Fortune. Well, if you game at a Real-Time Gaming Casino, the time is now. Of course, the game is Small Fortune, a sort of misleading title, but the feeling is all the same.

Have A Slice Of Pie Or Two

We admit that the slot game title is a bit misleading, but what's true are the several avenues of fun and rewards. We pick up the gaming pace with a lovely day on a sunny afternoon. With the sun shining high, Small Fortune invites you to take the ultimate picnic with all the essential picnic foods. Small Fortune is a five-reel title with 25 graceful pay lines that invite you to relax.

Take charge of this innocent, virtual picnic by declaring your pay line value. Then, of course, you can have a total blast and wager on the complete twenty-five pay lines, or you can salt away a little food and gamble on smaller pay lines. The supreme power is in your hands.

The next move with Small Fortune is setting up the actual cash bet. That's where Small Fortune's coin buttons enter the lovely equation. We begin with the sensational minimum bet as small as a penny, but that quickly grows in nickel increments.

Small Fortune is a charming game where you can take control of the game flow either through the sophisticated autoplay mode or use the manual spin mode to make this afternoon classic work in your favor. Small Fortune also extends an options button where you can further craft the game details as you see fit.

Revel In The Paytable

Small Fortune rolls out the charming treats starting with the ant. These ants are determined to get into the picnic goodness, but they double winning combinations when they land on the first and fifth Small Fortune reels. The picnic girl constitutes the scatter symbol, but we will dive deeper into that later in the article.

Small Fortune rolls things up further with the picnic basket that pays a charming 500 credits, while the pie unloads with 1,250 credits. The sandwich offers a yummy 750 credits, while the watermelon carves up the game with 500 credits. The remaining Small Fortune symbols are the blanket, the flower, the bottle, the cheese, the drinking glass, and the tomato.

Have A Fortune In The Bonus Round

Small Fortune keeps the excitement alive with the free spins feature. It takes getting the right amount of picnic baskets on certain reels to launch you into paradise. Small Fortune yields five free spins with the option of amassing additional free spins. Small Fortune also comes with the progressive jackpot that looms large in the background.

If you are into a quaint and lazy afternoon, then try a Real-Time Gaming Casino hosting Small Fortune. Small Fortune works on home computers and today's mobile intensive devices, along with laptops for your gaming pleasure.