Whiskey Barrels Slots

Take a trip back to the old west when whiskey was served out of barrels and justice was handled by the common man with this fun classic slot game. Whiskey Barrels, is a pretty straightforward slot from WGS that puts you face to face with symbols from the old west while you try to win pretty decent jackpot bonuses.

Bet on the Old West

Hold on a second! Before you can get started playing this classic themed slot you need to place a bet, and you'll have a good range of bets to work in. You can bet a single cent if you are worried about losing money. You can also bet as much as $30.00 if you want to win as much as possible. Everyone else will bet somewhere in the middle of those two amounts. I won't tell you how much to bet, but I will advise you to bet three coins all the time, even if you just make them all a cent in value. That's because the top jackpot is much more lucrative that way.

Old West Symbols

From the moment you start playing this slot game you'll be taken in by the Old West charm it exudes. There are a set of tapped whiskey barrels down at the bottom, and all the symbols spin around on reels mounted on top of wooden boards. You'll see symbols like a sheriff, whiskey barrels and golden colored symbols that appear on the reels.

The Barrels are Important

While there are no wild symbols in this Whiskey Barrel slot game, the barrel symbols are very valuable and what you want the most. Get three of the barrels and you'll win 500 coins if you bet a single coin and up to 2,500 coins for three coins bet. That's why we strongly recommend players bet three coins, because the top jackpot is considerably higher that way.

Whiskey Barrels is a good solid classic slot game with a lot to offer. From the moment that you begin playing it, you'll have a real chance to win good money. The top jackpot pays out as much as $25,000 and you don't have to bet a huge amount to win it. Even if you won't bet the top amount there are decent wins to be had with this online slot game that you should look for as you play along with it.