Triple Rainbow 7s

Somewhere over the rainbow is just a dream for many but when playing this outrageously simple slots game the colorful rainbow is not far away at all. There are just three reels and one payline to this slots game that offers players the chance of placing single coin bets or two coins per spin. The player can choose coin sizes ranging from $0.01 up to $10 giving him a wide range of options.

The Colorful Rainbow

The highest payout for this game is given when three of the colorful rainbows land on the payline with a two coin bet, in this case the player receives a 4000 coin payout. With a single coin bet the player receives a 1500 coin payout. The colorful rainbow 7 is also a wild symbol and offers players 3x the payout when a single colorful rainbow lands on the payline. With two of the colorful rainbows the winnings are multiplied 9x. Players will enjoy the simplicity of this game that rewards each player with generous payouts and of course the different colored rainbows that add to the excitement and fun of this slots game.