Cleopatra's Pyramid

Cleopatra has come to signify all that is beautiful about women. Her good looks were legendary and the influence she held over men, including Mark Anthony, of The Roman Empire, who fell deeply in love with her. However, not all that glitters is gold. She had her selfish and evil sides too. Cleopatra's Pyramid brings all the splendor and magnificence of ancient Egypt right to your device or location. Step inside the Pyramid with the lovely and alluring Cleopatra's by your side. Her pyramid contains untold riches, jewels and gold along with a strong dose of mystery and trepidation.

Beauty Incarnate

The very first Symbol that catches the eye once the game is started is Cleopatra, without a doubt. Her beauty emanates all around her and she has a regal aura. One can imagine why half the men in the world were in love with her. She is the main character and dwarfs all others. The competition is stiff as some of the other game Symbols are (almost) equally impressive. A golden Tutankhamun Mummy, the Sphinx, a Bird, the Eye of Horus, a Sarcophagus, a Scarab, a Totem, the Pyramids at night and the high playing cards, numbers 9 and 10 along with the letters J, Q, K and A. A really wide and interesting variety.

Feeling the Power

The game graphics are even and smooth, perfect for this game. The sounds never overbearing or intrusive, yet somehow complement Cleopatra's Pyramid satisfyingly. The game play incorporates 5 Reels with 20 Pay Lines upon which to wager. What a wide variety of betting options ranging from a minuscule $0.01 per coin to an upward $10 per coin, Cleopatra's Pyramid offers great entertainment spiced with winning opportunities and chances. The bonuses and features are great too, but we'll come to those just below. To whet the appetite, the maximum payout is a phenomenal $200,000 which can be yours with a single spin by landing 5 Cleopatra Symbols on active Pay Lines. Now that's impressive indeed.

Hot in the Pyramid

With Cleopatra's beauty to surround you while roaming the secret passages and chambers in the Pyramid, you have a magical companion to guide you through the maze to reach the heart of the pyramid alive, to claim everlasting life, and the highest payout the game has to offer to help you enjoy your immortality. In order to help you, the game has provided the aforementioned Wild Symbol represented by none other than Cleopatra herself. She can replace all of the Symbols bar the Pyramid and Scarab Icons. The Scarab is the Scatter. Both of them have special powers. The Wild is also the multiplier symbol. It can double the prize of the combination it completes. The Scatter Scarab awards up to 500 times the total bet.

Secret Pyramid Bonus

You got it, the Pyramid Symbol transports you through time and space to ancient Egypt right into the Pyramid. This is the Pyramid Bonus game. How does it work and what's in it for you? Cleopatra's Treasure is what awaits you upon triggering the Bonus game. The round is activated when the Pyramid Symbol lands on Reels 2 and 4, as well as on any active Pay Lines. Once the Bonus Round kicks off, a Pyramid containing various levels will appear on your screen. Every level has different stones with question marks on them. Once the lowest level of the pyramid becomes active, you need to select an ancient stone to reveal what lays beneath. This continues up through the levels, selecting one stone at a time to gather as many prizes and gifts as you can manage. The options beneath the stones are either a cash Prize or Cobra Snake; which signals the end of the game. But not to worry, prizes are cumulative and not lost when the game has ended. The Top stone in the Pyramid will pay out the highest amount and dwarfs all other prizes from stones below it.

Simply the Best Experience

Cleopatra's Pyramid delivers on all fronts. Design, payouts, great character symbols, quality of graphics and sounds, not to mention the pure thrill of playing a casino game with a real feel of land casinos. If you don't believe that, and even if you do, you really should try out Cleopatra's Pyramid. It is far superior to many of its competitors and other similarly themed games. This one is simply the best.